The Recovery Fund will not unleash a new economic bonanza across Europe

By Dan Kral, Europe Economist By now, 24 out of 27 governments have submitted their national recovery and resilience plans to unlock funds from the EU’s... Ranking of Members of European Parliament

0 is happy to present the first edition of its Ranking of Members of European Parliament, which is set to be updated regularly. The data...

The shaky legal basis of the EU Recovery Fund

By MEP Charlie Weimers Following the German Supreme Court’s decision to suspend ratification of EU “Recovery Fund”, Swedish MEP Charlie Weimers (SD-ECR) takes a look...

In Bulgaria, the “Borissov -system” is being kept afloat by EU funds

By Professor Krassen Stanchev (Professor of Macroeconomic Analysis and Public Choice Theory at Sofia University, former MP at the Bulgarian Constitutional Assembly (1990-1991), founder...

The case against the EU vaccine passport

By Bill Wirtz (freelance journalist from Luxembourg and Senior Policy Analyst at the Consumer Choice Center) In Brussels, the European Commission and Member States have...

The EU’s chequebook diplomacy is bound to backfire

The EU has struggled to exert the remotest foreign policy influence over the Afghanistan debacle, despite the efforts by the legion of eurocrats employed...

Inflation may burst out like ketchup from a ketchup bottle

By Jean Wanningen, an independent economist, publicist and euro-researcher (author of Eurodynamics and Euro Deceit) These days, I am often asked whether we can expect...

Trouble within the ECB

The important policy strategy adopted by the European Central Bank this month wasn’t decided without a fight. Especially last week’s decision on its so-called...

How the creation of the euro was the first step towards Brexit

Originally published by 1828 In 1988, Margaret Thatcher visited the West Flemish city of Bruges, home to the world’s first stock exchange, which emerged...
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