The Brussels Report Podcast Episode 33 – with Brad Lips, the ceo of Atlas Network

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Brad Lips is the chief executive officer of Atlas Network, which is the leading network of liberty-minded and free-market groups around the world. It is a US non-profit that provides training, networking and grants for them. Its aim is to secure for all individuals the rights to economic and personal freedom.

Atlas Network was founded in 1981 by Sir Antony Fisher, a British entrepreneur, who was influenced by economist F.A. Hayek and his book, The Road to Serfdom.

On its website, it notes that “Atlas Network partners in Europe are skeptical of the illiberal right and the socialist left. Ours is a practical agenda:

  • To restore economic competitiveness in Europe by removing burdensome regulations;
  • To rebuild trust in liberal institutions by reining in the scope of their authority; and
  • To liberate individuals across the continent to use their talents within the kind of “system of natural liberty” that Adam Smith recognized as conducive to increasing the wealth of nations.

In recent months we created the Ukraine Freedom Fund to address special challenges in this war-torn country, and in 2023 we launched a Competitiveness Reform Hub through which our European partners can collaborate and draw inspiration in meeting the acute economic challenges of this decade. These activities complement long-running Atlas Network activities in Europe, including the annual Europe Liberty Forum, the Transatlantic Think Tank CEO Summit, and the Europe Liberty Award.”


In this this episode of the Brussels Report podcast, editor Pieter Cleppe discusses the following topics:

– The differences between the U.S. and European policy debate

– Challenges to raise funds in various part of the world

– How to define the “liberty movement”?

– What’s the use of party political action and parapolitics? What to tell those that have giving up hope and focus on their private life or their business?

– How can the liberty movement better coordinate and exploit opportunities?