The Brussels Report Podcast Episode 31 – with Rod Richardson

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Rod Richardson⁠ is a philanthropist who serves as the President of the Grace Richardson Fund (GRF), which is the leading private foundation pioneering free market climate policy. He is also co-founder/co-chair of the Climate & Freedom International Coalition Meeting, co-facilitated in collaboration with Americans for Tax Reform Foundation/Tholos Foundation.

GRF pioneers new free market solutions to emerging 21st century challenges.  Their free market climate policy consists of a set of new proposals rooted in the observation that the key solution for climate change, poverty and the evils that follow, is one and the same thing: more freedom, noting that “all the tools in the free market toolbox — free trade, competition, property rights, supply side tax policy, democracy, and rule of law, etc. — can be combined in novel ways to powerfully accelerate not only the innovation and deployment of ever cleaner solutions, but the expansion of freedom itself — and with that, the eradication of global poverty. As a hybrid private foundation / think tank, GRF follows a strategy of collaborative policy innovation.  It convenes scores of fellow think tanks and hundreds of scholars and experts, to brainstorm and develop new freedom-expanding solutions to the pressing problems of our time.”

In this this episode of the Brussels Report podcast, editor Pieter Cleppe discusses the following topics with him:

– Why taxing carbon and the punitive approach to deal with climate change is simply not working

– What could be an alternative, more functional approach?

– The role of the non-Western world in the context of climate policies

– Nuclear power and liberalisation of energy markets 


Clean Tax Cuts & Clean Free Market Policies

Clean Capitalist Coalition:

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